Wednesday, October 28, 2009

holy experience

On this walk with him Wednesday I sit remembering back to the scariest moment of my life as a mother. I also remember that each step of the way God was there to comfort me and guide the doctors.

The hardest thing to hear from a doctor is that your baby need surgery. I had a very big baby, at birth he was 9 lbs 4 oz. He was a beautiful big baby. He loved to eat and I had a hard time keeping up with him, but managed somehow. At 2 weeks of age he started throwing up all the milk I gave him. He and I spent that week in our robes because every time I would feed him it would immediately come right back out. He was so little that he was eating every 2 hours, but because he was throwing it all back up he would cry the rest of the time. He was hungry.

I also spent the week calling the doctors office, who blew me off. I was a young Mom, I had just turned 19. I was watching my baby loose weight and he looked bad. His urine in the diaper one day was orange and I called the doctor again. The answer was "call again when he goes 24 hours without urinating". I prayed a new prayer at that point. Instead of asking God to heal my son I said, "God please don't let this baby urinate", God answered. I called the doctors office exactly 24 hours later. They made an appointment. The doctor's answer was that Eric needed to go to the hospital immediately and be admitted. I was alone and had to drive to the hospital my self, but somehow God got me to the hospital and through the paperwork.

Eric was so small to the pediatric nursed that they couldn't get the IV in. The neo- natal nurses were called, but he was so big to them. I was a wreck, it took 30 min to get an IV into my baby because of how dehydrated he was. It turned out to be something called Hypertrophic Pyloric Stonosis-or in simpler terms the opening between his stomach and intestines was closed off and needed to be opened.

The doctor operated and immediately Eric improved. He gained back all of his weight and then some, he was thriving.

I was terrified during this experience, but I know God was walking with me and taking care of my baby. Eric is now 11 years old and a very healthy, very tall child.

I was taught at a young age to lean on God and not on your own understanding through trials in life. I of course was upset and scared, but all I could do was pray. We felt God in the hospital room that week.

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