Monday, November 2, 2009

with love and pride we send.....

holy experience

I sat yesterday in Church as my Pastor called a young man along with his parents up to the front of the room. He announced that this young man was leaving today for his basic training as a Marine. I sat watching a Mother looked at her baby with a mix of tears and pride in her eyes. I also watched as the Mother of another soldier already in the war hugged this amazing giving lady. We prayed for this young man and we said goodbye for now. I stood there thinking of all of the families and Churches that have done the same. Mostly of my Aunt who has already been through this once and is now saying goodbye to her son again in a month. So this multitude Monday is in honor of our young men and women who fight for us, as well as the people who let them go. I am thankful for:

31. Our soldiers~those who are fighting and those who already have
32. Their families
33. Our freedom
34. Michael
35. Alex
36. Rich
37. the others in my family and in my acquaintance
37. The mothers and wives who watch them go
38. Strength
39. courage
40. The peace of mind that they give us that we are safe

I thank them all. Please join me in praying for them.

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