Sunday, February 28, 2010

I worship in my weakness and he hears

I spent the first 3 weeks of February being physically sick and then this last week I was emotionally drained from being sick for so long. I is amazing how when you get into this state you can go down hill mentally as well. I drew away from my family, my Church family and then God. This was only for this last week that it got that bad, but it did get to that point.

Today I woke up and got myself to get out of bed. I was later than I meant to be getting to the building today to make sure all was ready to teach the kid today, but I got there. I managed to get myself into worship service and God in his amazing mercy and glory did a work in me. He always works through song and the one that did it today was "He Loves Us". Even in the times that we pull away he is there to remind us that He loves us. He gave his all for us to be able to have the freedom to worship him and to one day walk with him in heaven. I am still gaining strength in my body, but he healed my mind. It took the song and some amazing friends to just say they love me. They checked on me and told me they were praying for me. A few wonderful people helped me with doors and a few items that I had to get to my car. That took away from the strain on my body. I had a good cry in the car on the way home (that was partly due to the fact that my son hit me in the head with the van door lol), but also because I knew that I was facing an afternoon all alone with out my husband. Our God is perfect and he made it possible for Jason to be home for a couple of hours and for us to to be able to just talk. I have missed him so much, but I know that God knows we need each other.

Our God is perfect and he provides for our every need, whether big or small. "He Loves Us, oh how He loves us, oh how He loves us. He loves us so. I know that all will be ok. I know that he has put my mind and emotions back into their correct order. My health is returning and I will be whole again. I praise his name! I thank him for his love and for caring about my every need.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Agates on the beach and a music box are memories of my childhood.

Agates on the beach and a music box are memories of my childhood. I taught the Kid's Church a few weeks ago about the value we put on things and the value of Christ and his love. As I went around my house there was no doubt about what I was going to bring to show the kids. It had to be my Jar of "rocks" and my music box. You say what? How do those show value to children? Well the children laughed and asked the same question, so I got down in front of the 4 bouncy boys and the wonderful little girl who were there that day and I told them that these were priceless items. No amount of money would ever be enough for me to sell them. I then explained it to them.

My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in Winchester Bay Oregon from the time I was about 2 years old until I was about 14. They then moved to Florence Oregon where my Grandmother now lives. Grandpa has since passed away. My memories are of the home they lived in while in Winchester Bay. They would take walks along the beach in all weather and collect agates. Then my Grandpa would take them home, where he would clean and polish them. They would then fill up the jars with agates. The window sill above the kitchen table was lined with jars. We would play card games and "cooties" with Grandma at this table. This is also where we would sit down as a family to share our breakfast lunch and dinner. Each trip we would open up a jar of our choice. We would sit at the table with Grandma and look through the agates and ask her where she got each one. She would tell us stories and just sit and talk to us. She also had music boxes in her room that were a representation of each of us. We heard the stories over and over, but always wanted to hear it one more time. I think us kids knew which box was each family member better than the adults did.

My other childhood memories with my Grandparents was all of us weather it was the six of us or the ten of us, we would all get into Grandmas car and drive. We would go to the beach or to Readsport. Grandma would sometimes take us down to feed the ducks and look at the boats. We would walk with Grandpa over to the post office and to get his paper. There are so many more.

The best memory was that we would go to their Church. We would stand all together as a family and sing the songs together and pray together. There would sometimes be Sunday school or a potluck.

My Grandmother was also a teacher to me how to be a praying mother and wife. She has a relationship with God that is special and a learning tool for me. I have watched and learned from her all of my life. She has a very gentile spirit, but can get fired up when needed. She chooses her words carefully and prays before each and every decision. I have always admired my grandmother. I have always wanted to understand more about this woman who I love so much. Our relationship changed from Grandmother of a child to Grandmother of an adult. She listens to and values my opinions, even if she doesn't agree with them.

The jar of agates and music box sit in my bedroom on a special shelf. Each time I see them I remember my childhood, but I also remember how to be a woman of God. These memories and lessons that I gained from one person will be with me forever. I pray that I can pass them down to my children and see the legacy go through the generations after me. The other thing that these two items remind me of is that there is a wonderful woman sitting in a house on the Oregon Coast praying for me daily.

I praise the Lord for all of the wonderful people he has blessed me with in my life. For how they have each helped in the forming of who I am and who I will be.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A simple Valentine's Day filled with love

Being very short on money this month we were unable to do the normal Valentine's day gifting that we have in years past. We usually don't go crazy, but I do get a rose and card every year and a dinner out with my husband the night before. We knew that we couldn't do that this year, so without even discussing it we both adjusted. We spent yesterday and today doing things for each other. He helped me by doing some of my chores so that I could get extra rest today. I made him a nice roast for lunch. We also made sure to tell each other that we loved each other as much as we could. I know we are just going through a season in our lives, but I am very great full that we are going through it together.

I love my husband. I thank God for him everyday. Some days are difficult, but as the years pass those are becoming few and far between. We have learned how to be a couple and how to live with someone with an opposite personality. Our financial situation is getting better, it was just a bump in the road. With him starting his new job officially tomorrow (training is done) we will have a steady income again and not be worried about it going away. I praise the Lord in his faithfulness to us. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Found this on a website called

I am really excited. I am going to branch out from blankets and make this for my daycare. I am hoping that it will be easy and I can make a couple. The one I am working on is a pastel multi color yarn. I don't know how I plan on doing the eyes, but I will figure it out.

I hope I get it done quickly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time with my kids ♥

holy experience

I have been trying to do more and more with my boys. We are a little tight on money, so we have been doing a lot of baking. There have been mistakes, but there have also been some yummy foods. As I calm down and let go, letting them measure and mix more, the laughing has increased. Perfectionism has gone out the window as my patience has increased.

I would never trade my boys for any others. As they get older the relationship changes. Eric each day sounds a little grown up and then you hear or see the 11 1/2 year old come out in him. My boys are truly friends, brothers and helps to each other.
#104 I thank the lord for our sleep in weekend
#105 for a baking day with my boys in preparation for our Sunday fun
#106 the simple enjoyment on my boys faces as they learn that yeast can make things grow (can't wait to teach them to make a loaf of bread lol)
#107 them teaching me that "Mom it's ok~let go"
#108 cuddling on the couch and watching a really good movie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"After the rain has fallen. After the clouds all roll away, the sweetest name remains on my soul. Your Faith full, your always the same. Your faithful, no you never change. Your faithful and your always good"....Power of you love, Luke Wood

I see you Lord in everything. You are in the wind, the rain, the sun.... You are in the ocean. There is power in your love. You are never changing. You never leave us. When we don't see you, you are still there. There is comfort in your touch and teaching in your discipline. Thank you for teaching, healing and changing us. You are the one true God, the Creator of all things. You know the inner workings of me and you have since I was formed in my mothers womb. I know you will never leave me, you are faithful.

Monday, February 1, 2010

You are my beloved, my creation.....

holy experience

There is a joy I can't describe when I think of you.
I delight in you.

You are my beloved, my creation and I love you as you are.
The day you looked at who I made you and truly saw what I see,
was the most exciting day of your life to me.
When you stepped out and started walking the path I made for you
I rejoiced with the angels.
I created you in your mothers womb.
I knew you before you were ever born, ever named.
They didn't even know what they were carrying.
My child is to be a world changer.
You were meant to be who I chose not who the world decided you would be.
In my eyes you are perfect, beautiful, smart, strong, bold, a worshiper,
a person of prayer.
Do not fear as I am with you.
Nothing will ever be too great for you to handle.

#94 I am thankful for the love of my Lord
#95 ...for a wonderful time of worship in Church yesterday
#96 ...a sermon that spoke straight to the heart
#97 ...watching my son sit in Church, look up scriptures and take notes
#98 ...listening to my son tell me after Church what the sermon was about and knowing what it meant
#99 ...a peace full afternoon listening to my children play together
#100...enough rest in the night to be able to get up early and watch the sun rise, listen to God filled music and study His word.
#101...having so many scriptures of His love for us to chose from this month
#102...Being able to be who I am and not having to change
#103...His perfect love