Monday, February 1, 2010

You are my beloved, my creation.....

holy experience

There is a joy I can't describe when I think of you.
I delight in you.

You are my beloved, my creation and I love you as you are.
The day you looked at who I made you and truly saw what I see,
was the most exciting day of your life to me.
When you stepped out and started walking the path I made for you
I rejoiced with the angels.
I created you in your mothers womb.
I knew you before you were ever born, ever named.
They didn't even know what they were carrying.
My child is to be a world changer.
You were meant to be who I chose not who the world decided you would be.
In my eyes you are perfect, beautiful, smart, strong, bold, a worshiper,
a person of prayer.
Do not fear as I am with you.
Nothing will ever be too great for you to handle.

#94 I am thankful for the love of my Lord
#95 ...for a wonderful time of worship in Church yesterday
#96 ...a sermon that spoke straight to the heart
#97 ...watching my son sit in Church, look up scriptures and take notes
#98 ...listening to my son tell me after Church what the sermon was about and knowing what it meant
#99 ...a peace full afternoon listening to my children play together
#100...enough rest in the night to be able to get up early and watch the sun rise, listen to God filled music and study His word.
#101...having so many scriptures of His love for us to chose from this month
#102...Being able to be who I am and not having to change
#103...His perfect love

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Susan said...

I love the picture of the boys!