Friday, February 19, 2010

Agates on the beach and a music box are memories of my childhood.

Agates on the beach and a music box are memories of my childhood. I taught the Kid's Church a few weeks ago about the value we put on things and the value of Christ and his love. As I went around my house there was no doubt about what I was going to bring to show the kids. It had to be my Jar of "rocks" and my music box. You say what? How do those show value to children? Well the children laughed and asked the same question, so I got down in front of the 4 bouncy boys and the wonderful little girl who were there that day and I told them that these were priceless items. No amount of money would ever be enough for me to sell them. I then explained it to them.

My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in Winchester Bay Oregon from the time I was about 2 years old until I was about 14. They then moved to Florence Oregon where my Grandmother now lives. Grandpa has since passed away. My memories are of the home they lived in while in Winchester Bay. They would take walks along the beach in all weather and collect agates. Then my Grandpa would take them home, where he would clean and polish them. They would then fill up the jars with agates. The window sill above the kitchen table was lined with jars. We would play card games and "cooties" with Grandma at this table. This is also where we would sit down as a family to share our breakfast lunch and dinner. Each trip we would open up a jar of our choice. We would sit at the table with Grandma and look through the agates and ask her where she got each one. She would tell us stories and just sit and talk to us. She also had music boxes in her room that were a representation of each of us. We heard the stories over and over, but always wanted to hear it one more time. I think us kids knew which box was each family member better than the adults did.

My other childhood memories with my Grandparents was all of us weather it was the six of us or the ten of us, we would all get into Grandmas car and drive. We would go to the beach or to Readsport. Grandma would sometimes take us down to feed the ducks and look at the boats. We would walk with Grandpa over to the post office and to get his paper. There are so many more.

The best memory was that we would go to their Church. We would stand all together as a family and sing the songs together and pray together. There would sometimes be Sunday school or a potluck.

My Grandmother was also a teacher to me how to be a praying mother and wife. She has a relationship with God that is special and a learning tool for me. I have watched and learned from her all of my life. She has a very gentile spirit, but can get fired up when needed. She chooses her words carefully and prays before each and every decision. I have always admired my grandmother. I have always wanted to understand more about this woman who I love so much. Our relationship changed from Grandmother of a child to Grandmother of an adult. She listens to and values my opinions, even if she doesn't agree with them.

The jar of agates and music box sit in my bedroom on a special shelf. Each time I see them I remember my childhood, but I also remember how to be a woman of God. These memories and lessons that I gained from one person will be with me forever. I pray that I can pass them down to my children and see the legacy go through the generations after me. The other thing that these two items remind me of is that there is a wonderful woman sitting in a house on the Oregon Coast praying for me daily.

I praise the Lord for all of the wonderful people he has blessed me with in my life. For how they have each helped in the forming of who I am and who I will be.

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