Sunday, February 28, 2010

I worship in my weakness and he hears

I spent the first 3 weeks of February being physically sick and then this last week I was emotionally drained from being sick for so long. I is amazing how when you get into this state you can go down hill mentally as well. I drew away from my family, my Church family and then God. This was only for this last week that it got that bad, but it did get to that point.

Today I woke up and got myself to get out of bed. I was later than I meant to be getting to the building today to make sure all was ready to teach the kid today, but I got there. I managed to get myself into worship service and God in his amazing mercy and glory did a work in me. He always works through song and the one that did it today was "He Loves Us". Even in the times that we pull away he is there to remind us that He loves us. He gave his all for us to be able to have the freedom to worship him and to one day walk with him in heaven. I am still gaining strength in my body, but he healed my mind. It took the song and some amazing friends to just say they love me. They checked on me and told me they were praying for me. A few wonderful people helped me with doors and a few items that I had to get to my car. That took away from the strain on my body. I had a good cry in the car on the way home (that was partly due to the fact that my son hit me in the head with the van door lol), but also because I knew that I was facing an afternoon all alone with out my husband. Our God is perfect and he made it possible for Jason to be home for a couple of hours and for us to to be able to just talk. I have missed him so much, but I know that God knows we need each other.

Our God is perfect and he provides for our every need, whether big or small. "He Loves Us, oh how He loves us, oh how He loves us. He loves us so. I know that all will be ok. I know that he has put my mind and emotions back into their correct order. My health is returning and I will be whole again. I praise his name! I thank him for his love and for caring about my every need.

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elizabeth said...

Love you bunches Steph!