Monday, March 1, 2010

multitude Monday~when you don't know where to start

holy experience

I am amazed by the way God takes care of us. He sees our every need and wraps us up in a blanket of his love. I cried out Abba Father I need you and he responded. It was almost with an answer of, "I have been here all along. I saw your hurt and I was working on the solution, now come here my child and let Daddy fix it." ....and he is.

109~children's laughter
110~children worshiping freely and with all of their heart
111~my husband taking care of dishes and the garbage so that I could rest yesterday
112~my boys being old enough to sleep in this morning, but still make it to school on time
113~The Lord helping me get to sleep with no worries on my mind and no PM medication
114~the love in the faces of my Church family
115~A much needed call yesterday from my Mom, just calling, at the right time to see how I was-and nothing else. The call was all about how worried she was about ME
116~2 unexpected hours with my husband yesterday
117~The blanket of God's love wrapped around me constantly
118~the sun waking me gently
119~my couple hours of just me and God between when my kids left for school and my work arrives at my door
120~my puppy who knows that I sometimes need a cuddle

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