Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He answers in His time, which is perfect.

holy experience

The Lord knows everything that we are going through and will go through. When we were going through the process of buying a home in 2005 we knew that we were also choosing the school District that our children would be going to. We prayed over the neighborhood and school. The house we bought was the only one in our price range that was move in ready and fit all of our needs. The only concern we had was that we were going to be in the SE part of the Portland Public School District. This was a concern, but we trusted God.

We ended up in a very safe neighborhood and with an amazing neighbor. Our oldest son was going to be going into the 1st grade and was having problems in school. When he got into 2nd grade we were brought into the school for a meeting. The room full of specialists, the principal and teacher explained that the problems Eric was having lead them to believe he had Aspergers Syndrome. High functioning Autism. This was the beginning of our struggle. The Special Ed teacher that has worked with Eric the last 4 years has helped us to bring our Eric. We can now have conversations with him and he is functioning better socially. He does have a long way to go.

The other thing that started happening the year we bought our house was the Jr. High that my son's will be going to started improving. They got a new principal who is a Christian as well as other wonderful changes. The school is safer and the test scores coming out of it are much better. We also have a member of our Church Staff working there as a mentor to the students.

Today I spoke with Eric's "Special teacher" and she is going to do everything she can to help this move into Jr. High smooth for us. As I have been praying and, yes worrying, God has been moving. He has been preparing the way for Eric to get a great education.

God truly cares and takes care of the little things that seem so big to us. My son is going to be ok. He is going to thrive and I know that there are angels watching over him.

Remember that when you are praying God has already answered your pray, you just may not see the answer right away. Be patient!

I know we still have a long road with our son, but I am grateful to be over these first few hurdles

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