Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I love watching the world come to life in my yard. The cherry trees are blossoming and the leaves are starting to come out of hiding. My tulips of all different colors (some I didn't even know I had last year are popping out of the green coverings. There are purple irises now showing themselves. The most adorable little green leaves are coming out on my tree that from faraway looks dead. If you know what to look for you can see life that has been hidden beneath the brown of winter.

God is doing this in people around me as well. I have been watching my oldest son very closely. He is changing from a little boy into a young man. He is making it know that he has a brain and that his brain has opinions and ideas. I pray daily that I can help to shape him into the Man of God he is to become. I pray that I know what to do and when. When to let go and when to say not yet. i pray for wisdom for his father and I to know if we need to seek advice. The life is showing in him and he is a fascinating person. It is a strange place to be stuck between little kid and young man, but with the help of God I know we can help him to easily (as possible) make it through this. God gave me this special boy for a reason and I will do my best with his help. I am also thankful that he is still young enough that I can still see my little boy in there, even if he tries to hide it sometimes.

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What a great post....Loved finding your blog....