Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Everything this season is crying out with love to the creator of all things. Our Lord made beautiful things and all of them are blossoming and blooming. They are showing that the work of winter was well done and that we have a promise of harvest this fall. The sun is shining and the trees are reaching up to it so that their leaves will start to grow. The leaves need to grow to feed the seeds inside. This is how we get the fruit that is coming. God also sends the rain to help his little ones grow.

God has us go through seasons as well. We have the winters where we are dormant and being healed and tested. Or even just a time of resting. The spring where we reach up to him and he rains down his tears on us to wash us. This helps us to grow. Then in the summer we are happy carefree and our fruit is growing for all to see. Then in the fall our harvest is ripe for harvest.

These season might be longer for some and shorter for others, but we all must go through it. Rejoice and be glad in all the seasons of your life because God has a purpose for each and everyone. Even the painful ones.

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is with in me, bless His Holy name!!!!!

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