Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A gift for my boys.

A few years ago I came across a friend from High School and we picked up our friendship as if the 10+ years had never happened.  She taught me how to crochet and it is now one of my biggest hobbies.  Crocheting is something I can do while I work.  I can work on a project as the children play or watch a cartoon, but still be able to watch them and interact with them.  I am working on what I think is going to be one of my best blankets.  It is for my oldest son…..but first I will tell you about the other of my best blankets.


My boys LOVE video games.  They think that Mario and the rest are pretty cool.  So I wanted to make each of them an amazing blanket of their favorite character.  This turned out to be an amazing journey.  My youngest son wanted a Mario blanket so my husband and I went on to Pinterest and we found this pattern   I printed it, picked up the yarn and started working. These are some pictures:



So after I finished this my oldest son and husband were excited and went to the computer to started looking for pictures of the other characters they wanted me to make.  My oldest son’s favorite character is Yoshi, so my husband played one of the games until he found me a screen shot.  We printed the picture that he save

 summer 2012 537summer 2012 541

The nice thing about these characters is that they are made out of pixels.  So I used a piece of graph paper and colored pencils to color the proper colors from the picture.  Then we counted how many across and down to make this guy into a blanket.  I am using 2 1/4 inch squares so that I can get as much detail as possible.  This blanket will end up being a bit bigger than the Mario blanket when I am done.

summer 2012 540This is the graph paper pattern I made.

summer 2012 543 and the tiny little squares.

I can’t wait to finish it and post the pictures.


I have made a few other blankets over the last couple of years.  Some are baby blankets for friends.  A blanket for me April 2012 274.  Some just for our house to replace some older ones.  Also family and friends.  I love being able to bless people especially my amazing husband and boys.  It is also nice to keep busy and create.