Monday, March 15, 2010

So thankful!

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I was catching up on my blog reading this morning and was inspired by one of my favorites. This is my list of what I am thankful for today.

Today I sit with my family on a quiet Monday morning. (121) My husband is having a slow morning at work~hope it picks up, but glad he is here when it is just US. (122)My boys have no school. (123) The daycare child who is supposed to be here right now is spending a day with Daddy, and the others won't be here until 1030. So yes a wonderful rare quiet Monday morning, just US a a bit anyway.

Yesterday I checked the mail box and in it was a wonderful surprise. (124) Mom and Dad knew $ are tight, but sent us a bit of money to go out to dinner at a nice place for our anniversary, while we are on our tight budget trip. (125) My friend thinking of me while she cleaned out her shoe closet. (126) My other friend spending a few minute after church to talk to me and check on me. (127) A beautiful time of worship with my WHOLE Church family. (128) Meeting face to face someone who has become a wonderful friend, but that I had only chatted with on Face Book.

(129) Spending yesterday with my boys. (130) Went on a bike ride and treated them to a small treat. (131) Then played UNO with them.

(132) We got the letter we were waiting for on Friday. Only one step of testing left and then my husband get on the list for a really good job.

God is good! Great weekend starting with Friday, turns into a great Monday!

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