Monday, November 23, 2009

holy experience

Spending the month being Thankful along with my Church and now looking forward to my Jesse's Branch. I am very excited about this Holiday season, as my boys are older and are joining me in the traditions that my husband and my families have had all these years. They are old enough now to help to make our own family traditions.

41. I am thankful for children, 42. their laughter, 43. smiles, 44. hugs, 45. and the joy they show when you show them love.

46. I am thankful we have Thanksgiving, 47. Christmas, 48. family and friends to share our joy with. 49. For the snow, 50. rain, 51. wind

Thank you Lord for giving me all of these things.

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Susan said...

I'm anxious to get my Jesse's Branch completed.