Sunday, October 25, 2009

my boys

I love my kids they are one of the best gifts God decided to give to me. They love to be silly. They love to fight. They love to hug and joke and just be kids. I wasn't sure how I would do raising 2 boys, but so far God has been my biggest help. We have had many ups and downs, but they are healthy and have so much love for me.
They are full of energy. They love to go everywhere and do everything. Our favorite places to go are the zoo, OMSI, the park, but our favorite thing to do is make stuff. They love to bake, do crafts, anything that uses their minds. My kiddos are super smart and very fun to be with. I would never trade them for any others.

We talk constantly, especially in the car. Our best game is which way. I will ask one boy turn or go straight as I am driving towards a destination. Now we live in Portland and there are so many different ways you can go and still get places. So the first boy will choose the direction and then the second boy. This goes on until we get to where there are no more choices. They love this simple silly thing we came up with one day while they were having an argument. They forgot about what they were upset about. We also play the alphabet game and # game. The game that can go on forever is "would you rather?" (thanks Jenn:))
They also have normal boy interest that I can't really relate to, but enjoy watching. Like being a "Star Wars character" or making everything into a weapon. I guess this is what makes boys so special. They can entertain themselves with rocks and mud. lol
I am loving moving into the new stages of their lives and I am excited to find out what tomorrow will bring. It takes a lot of prayer, constant prayer. It also take my husband, our entire family and our Church to help form these special gifts, but I know we are all up to the task.
I love you boys!!!

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