Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun filled day with my boys

I has a fun evening with my boys the other day and posted what we did on facebook. This was our what blows up in the microwave night. lol. On that post a wonderful friend, who is wiser than I said she hoped that us mothers were writing down some of the things we post about our children. Her thought was that then the kids could look back and remember the really fun times. I have decided to add these fun days to my blog. I want my boys to be able to come back here someday and have great memories. So this is my first memory entry.

Today I get to take my boys to as many places as I want to, just us. I am very excited about this. I am saving this now and will come back and add what we did and the highlights of the day.

I took them to the zoo to show them the new Lion exhibit. We had a lot of fun. We walked straight through everything else, just so see the lions. It was well worth it as they were up walking around. They also have wild dogs, that is what Stephen really wanted to see.

We then drove up to Vancouver and had lunch at Wendy's on our way to the movie theater. The regal cinema has a $3 theater. We saw G-Force. This is a movie that kids love and mothers wish was never made. Ah, the joys of motherhood.

Then we went to Wallgreens to spend their birthday money and to get a gift for a little friends Birthday.

This was a long, but fun day. I would never change being the mother of these two amazing boys for anything.

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