Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have surprised myself and it seems a few others the last couple of months. I have used some old skills that I haven't used in years, as well as learned some new all in one summer. I learned how to can and freeze this summer. I was seeing how much food gets wasted that we can freeze or prepare in a new way to store it up for later. I have also learned how to shop the adds and to cook the foods that are on sale. It turns out I can actually cook. This was news to my family and myself. I have learned how to use a crock pot and how to marinade.

Right now I am teaching myself how to crochet and I will be sewing myself some pj's. I do believe that next I will try a quilt, now that I have a new friend with an amazing website. The accomplishment I feel with the fact that I can make things is amazing.

I can truly see that God is trying to teach me a lesson about myself. Just like the seasons change on our planet, we have changing seasons. The growth of the small plants that God has been nurturing in me are wonderful to see. I am learning that he never lets go. He is always there. I have never been a huge fan of myself, but seeing how my biggest fan (Jesus) sees me, is changing this. When I changed my way of thinking form poor me to how can I serve Christ and others through this hurt, my life and personality changed. I have put God first and in doing this the rest has just fallen into place.

Thank you for teaching me daily about you and about me. I am so thankful today for your love and your patience. I am so thankful today for your understanding, grace and mercy. I thank you for my husband, boys, family and my Church. You are an amazing provider and friend. You have been my best friend longer than anyone. Even when everyone else abandoned me, you kept loving me and helping me. Teach me your ways, so I can be more like you.

Your loving daughter
Stephanie Dawn

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elizabeth said...

You are like watching a beautiful flower bloom!!!I am proud of you!