Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh what a crazy , but needed year.....

It was a year ago that Jason and I had to make one of the biggest decisions regarding our children. Whether to use medication to help calm our son down or not. As a mother my goal was to in all cases if at all possible we would use as little medicine on our children as possible. Now they were asking me to give my son a class C medication. We were frustrated and angry. I did a lot of being angry with myself and God. I was in between blaming myself that I couldn't just change my parenting and angry with him for letting it happen. Both were wrong reactions and I knew it.

Through a lot of crying and praying, we decided it would be better to try the medicine and give him a chance. Doing that and getting him some special help at school were both helping a lot. We then cut way down on the sugar intake. He is a different kid. With in a month he had jumped 2 grade levels in reading and started to like school. God promised to take care of us in all things. He promised me that it was going to be O.K. I am so greatful that my little boy is doing so well. Our hope is that by Jr. High he will not need the medication, but I have put it in God's hands and am trusting.

This caused me to let go of a lot of things and put my problems into Gods hand. He truly knows what I need and when. Waiting is hard, but the reward is so great.

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