Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seeking God's heart in the New Year

I love reading New Years resolutions and seeing the plans of those I care about. It really shows the heart of the person. I love the hope and the will to do what is right.

Personally I have never written any New Years resolutions, maybe for fear that I will mess up. I am one that if I have a plan and the plan somehow gets messed up I simply quit. The idea of not completing something properly scares me into just not doing it.

I am now with prayer and an open heart going to post my New Years resolutions. In 2010 I plan to:

1. Wholeheartedly seek the will of God for each day.
2. Finish the book of Isaiah and gain the understanding the Lord has for me in doing so.
3. Get up and move....exercise, so that I am in better health
4. Read at least 12 NEW books this year. Some of which have been collecting dust in my bookcase, while waiting for the perfect time to read them.
5. Memorize a scripture a week along with my children.
6. try making a new dish for my family at least once a month

I plan to add to this list as I feel the Lord speaking to me and to what He needs me to do. My feeling is you you can have more than one day to make this particular list. Your life changes and God is daily showing you your path and what you need to do to accomplish the art of staying on the path.

Now I pray over this list and ask that the Lord bless me and give my the strength to stick to and get these things done. I pray that the Lord send me the books he wants me to read, that will cause me to go deeper into his love and purpose for my life.

What are your New Years Goals???????????? Take some time to pray and seek God before you write them down.

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