Monday, December 7, 2009

A fun filled day with my boys.

holy experience
I took my boys Christmas shopping on Saturday. We decided when our oldest was about 3 years old to let our kids pick out what they wanted to give to to family members. We started with a Mom and Dad gift. Then when we had our second child and he was 4 we decided to start them getting gifts for family members. It was super fun to take those little guys (age 4 and 7) to Christmas shop at the $ tree. That year I decided if they picked it out then that is what people were going to get. One person got a lint brush, another clothes pins, a mug...and so on. Last year we were doing really well finatially so we went to $5 gifts instead of $ gifts. That was just as much fun and the boys still unerstood the idea of giving being just as good, if not better than getting. This year things are tighter, but we made sure to put this shopping trip into our budget. Instead of each boy giving each person a gift, they are giving one together. They still got the idea and they love thinking about each family member and what the person would want. I love that they are understanding that Christmas is about much more than getting stuff. Thank you Lord for the tools to teach my kids about Christmas and your love. I am still focused on having a symplistic Christmas. Family and my Lord mean more to me than what is under the tree.

52. a day with my boys
53. family that is understanding of a child
54. the love my family shows to my boys
55. stores that don't inflate the prices of things

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