Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you

holy experience

I love Christmas and spending it with family. I love my Mom, Dad and sister. We always had a great time celebrating, weather we were just us or spent it with my Grandparents and all the cousins... Every year is wonderful, especially now that I have my husband and my boys.

This last weekend my Mom and Dad joined us for the weekend. We visited, played games, opened gifts and best of all they joined me at my Church. I got to watch my Mother melt in the hands of God yesterday. The song was new to her and the Holy Spirit opened her ears and she allowed him to touch her heart. This was a Christmas gift from the Lord to me and one that will be with her for a long time.

When I got merried and my family grew, there were more people to love and to love me. We have desperatly tried for years to get my Sister-In-Law and her family to be able to be here with us for Christmas. The date was finally set for this year, the tickets bought and now we are making the preperations. This year, for the first time my In-laws will have all of their children and Grandchildren together on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I don't think any of us could have gotten Grandma Pam a better gift ever than this one.

Thank you Lord for
56. Family
57. Your son you sent
58. For one special day set aside that we are all to celebrate those we love
59. My Mother and Father
60. your Holy Spirit seeing what each of us need and giving it to us special each time.
61. That my boys have a special relationship with all of their Granparents
62. That my boys were so eager to go away with my parents for the week that they tried to carry all of their lugage out in one trip and almost forgot to hug me.
63. The looks on their faces when they see the Christmas lights, trees and presents; and the anticipation of Christmas Day

Thank you Lord for loving us enough to send us your son to save us. I can't wait for His next return.

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