Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An unexpected answer

I have been feeling down and frustrated and sad. I had decided this was going to be a long night because I can't sleep when I am in this state of mind. I finally got really agitated and just gave up on everything and on the fight to keep going.

I run away from situations and tonight I ran to the solitude of my shower. I have been doing everything I can lately (including not typing what the Lord is saying to me in this blog) to not hear the quietness or stillness, because in this the problems of this world just well up and I feel under attack. I have been being obedient and praying us through these things, but I never let go of the control. I was still trying to fix it myself.

In the shower I knew that the Lord was telling me to stand up, lean on him, and let go. I then came and sat down to wright on my blog in obedience to Him, but before I got to this page to type I saw the blog of someone I love and trust. The message was simple "Just keep walking", it was then followed by scriptures that spoke about walking with the Lord and for the Lord. Not giving up. Keep moving in the direction of the Lord.

I feel right now like I can handle what has been thrown at me. I can handle anything as long as I let God be the one to hold me up and deal with it. I need to stop this fighting and rest in his arms. I know He has the perfect plans and solutions. He knows what He is doing and I am taken care of.

Thank you Lord for your amazing answers to my prayers. Please help me to stay on this right path and to not give up.

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elizabeth said...

I pray for supernatural strength for you to keep walking...and for breakthrough into His supernatural miracles. love you!