Wednesday, December 30, 2009 awe of the creator

The snow fell like a blanket yesterday. It was beautiful. It is kind of sad that it is melting now, but as it does it seams to be washing the earth. I am uncertain as to why we get snow when rain also washes the earth and just as well. I realize it is due to the rain freezing and all of the scientific stuff, but why do we get snow. It is so peace full as it falls. The world seams to go quiet and the inside of a person just fills with joy. You can see an adult change into a child with the first snowflake. I think inside of my heart I believe that God gives us this special, beautiful gift every once in a while. It is the same as a child's laughter, or the suddenness of getting to see an eagle take to flight, or the crash of the waves.

I am in awe at the wonder of nature. I do not worship it, but the creator. He makes all things beautiful and perfect. We are his creation as well. He has made each of us in his image, but each of us are made differently. We are also given free choice weather or not to follow Him and his ways. Everything the Lord does and gives to us is a blessing.

Lord God thank you for the blessings you give me daily and for knowing my every need, even if it was an unexpected snowfall.

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