Monday, May 17, 2010

Time to get to work and bless my family!

holy experience
For the first few years of my marriage I worked outside of the home and tried kept a house clean and together. 5 years back I became a "stay at home Mom with a daycare". I HATE cleaning and I dreaded everyday that I had to clean, do laundry and dishes. I knew that it was my "job" but it was not enjoyable. I took my frustration to a very wise woman to get advice on what to do and how much of "my responsibility" my husband should be doing. HAHA like always when we are unhappy we look at it as someone Else's fault. The amazing woman told me that I need to look at each job that I hated and say I am blessing my family by doing this.

Now that I have been looking at my daily jobs in this new way it is easier to do the brainless and irritating tasks of my day. I still don't like having to do laundry, dishes and cleaning toilets, but as I do each job I went from telling myself that I am blessing my family to praying for them. I pray over Stephen as I straighten his toys and get them protected from the daycare kids. I ask God to be with Eric and to teach me how to help him in his difficult journey through life, as I put his laundry up on his bed and remove the dirty clothing. I pray over my marriage and Jason as I make the bed and sweep the bedroom floor. I sing praise songs to Jesus as I do dishes and fold clothing. My actual "job" as a stay at home Mom and wife is to bring the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit into my home, so that when my guys get back they are met with peace, cleanliness and love.

I LOVE my job. I had to learn and be taught, but I do truly love my job. I don't like folding laundry, but I love who I do it for. Now I will get back to blessing my family as I do the laundry for the week. Praise the Lord in all that you do and for all that you are!

#133 ~ an amazing weekend with my boys as we hiked up Multnomah falls
#134 ~ My Best Friend who I can tell anything to and not be judged
#135 ~ The mothers heart of a woman at Church. She saw that I just needed to be held and to cry. #136 ~ As she did this she was thanking God for is love and for me.
#137 ~ That my oldest son is maturing in his faith and wants to be in the adult service
#138 ~ and he is listening and learning
#139 ~ The beauty all around us that God created.
#140 ~ My "job" that I do to bless my family. ♥


elizabeth said...

I heart you so much. Watching you blossom as a woman, wife and mom but most of all as a lover of Jesus has been such a great joy to me!

elizabeth said...

You are a beautiful homemaker! I love your honesty :-)