Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Summer adventures of my boys and me.

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I made a goal of taking my boys and doing something every weekend this summer, it could be a big trip or small outing. We got started early. Last week we went on a hike up Multnomah Falls with a friend. This last weekend I took them to Cashmere Washington to see my cousin and family.

I am not a road trip type of person. I never have been. Air travel is just as bad for me. I am a very active person and to make me sit somewhere for 3-6 hours is torture to me and all around. That being said, my kids are amazing travelers. They were awake the whole 5 1/2 hour drive. Never did they get frustrated and only when we were like 15 min from our destination did the words "are we almost there" come out of them. I had them supplied with snacks, books and a notebook to draw in. We talked and looked at scenery. They were fascinated when we went from our mountainous NW to sagebrush and back into mountains. We only stopped 2 times on the way there and 3 times on the way back.

While we were at my cousins they were very good. We did have one accident with a vase, but all together they were AMAZING! I saw the changes and growth that they have gone through over the last few years. We took a bike ride together and played in the park. One of the reasons we went to visit was to see my cousin's daughter dance in her recital. My boys sat for 2 hours watching the girls dance and never once complained.

I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in my boys and in me as a mother. I can see the maturity as they get older and the behavior training working.

I am thankful for:
~the love waiting for me at both ends of my long trip
~my boys being such good travelers
~and company to me
~the beauty of the mountains
~my boys and I share a love for hiking and biking
~living in an area that offers so many free ways to spend a day as a family
~that my cousin and her husband gave me a GPS they were no longer in need I will never get lost
~learning that my Church family missed me after being gone 1 weekend

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Susan said...

What a great idea to do with the boys this summer. I'm glad you are home. We missed you.