Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My excercising....

It is time to update on my exercise/diet. Today I put on some pants today that, in my denial part of gaining wt, I had decided had shrunk in the dryer. They had gotten so tight that they hurt my stomach either sitting or standing. I of course didn't want to admit that I needed to go and buy the next size up. Today I put them on and had room to spare. Wonder how many more outfits will have the same magical thing happen :)

I won't put what my wt is, but I am only 3 lbs from my first mini goal. I am 1/4 of the way done. This goal once I make it will put me down past the wt I haven't been able to get under since my pregnancy with Stephen, almost 9 years ago. My wall of defeat some might call it.

I know people look at me and wonder what I am talking about. A lot of people question "what wt do YOU need to loose?" Well I guess I hide it because I promise you it is there. When my winter wt started staying on and I went 10 lbs past it and had to get bigger sizes, I would say it was time to look into it. When you stand on the scale and see the truth and so it makes you depressed, you know it is time for a change. For those that read this and know some of my struggles of the past, I promise I am being careful and open about all that I am doing to diet. Jason is my accountability partner and he is making sure that I am eating. He even knows how much I weigh (scary) and what I am trying to get to.

I started exercising May 1st and I am still going. My water intake has increased to what it should be. For 2 weeks I was using a free website to monitor my intake and to learn what portion sizes should look like. Now I am monitoring myself. The calorie counting was too much for me and was stressful. I could see myself going down a bad path if I had kept on that routine. I am mindful of what I put into my mouth and I am no longer just sit down and start eating. I have also learned a lot about what I was doing and how I got here. I have a bit more to go and then it is time to maintain, but I know that I am on track and I will make it to the goal.

I feel healthier and more active. I am going and doing more with my boys, which was the main goal. I haven't had issues with low blood sugars or my digestive system. My migraine headaches have even gone away and I am not having to take daily pain medication. I feel GREAT! I know that God intended for me to be active and healthy.

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Jenn Becker said...

Steph, this is so so inspiring for me. Thank you, thank you , thank you for sharing your journey. :)