Sunday, May 2, 2010

My amazing husband ♥

My husband is an amazing man. He shows his love to me and the boys quietly and sometimes selflessly. Last July we were faced with the loss of his job and we have been ok, but our finances have been tight. We have been able to take care of the needs, but the wants are another story. We have been very careful about deciding what we can all live without and what maybe we can save for. Jason is blessed by tips by some of the people he helps with their cars . I thought he was using this money for lunches, but found out that he had been saving it up for a little over a month. He wanted to put it towards a family gift of a Wii game system. My husband is also very good about finding deals and purchasing used items that are in very good condition. He did just that and found a Wii for the 4 of us, for half the price of a new one. The looks and responses from the boys were well worth my husbands hard work. He was so happy setting it up for them and playing a family game that evening.

I enjoy some of the games, but I was looking forward to the purchase of a Wii for a different reason. My work and the weather in my area make it difficult to get outside and exercise as I would like to. I have taken up bike riding and walking when I can. To get rid of my excuses, I had also always said that I would get a work out game so that I could get some exercise in the privacy of my own home and get into better health. The game I went with was Your Shape and I am now on day 2 of my exercise. I am very sore and tired, but glad that I am on the road to taking better care of myself. Well wish me luck!


elizabeth said...

Yay!!!What a great surprise. Let me know how the excercise program works for you!

Susan said...

Good job Jason! What a fun surprise.