Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have been reading a lot of books lately. I really felt that God was wanting to speak to me through some writers. I finished the Lineage of Grace books. They taught me so much about God's love and Grace. He used women like us, sinners and imperfect to bring about his biggest gift.

I got really discouraged this week with the complications of life and I just so wanted a touch from God. I wanted to sit at His feet and just worship Him, so in my worship this morning at Church that is what I asked for and boy did he give. I cried all through worship as he ministered to my heart, like no one else could do, then at prayer tonight. I am feeling the strength of the Lord now. I had to lay down the pride and ask for prayer over my discouragement.

The scripture I am feeling right now is "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up as wings like eagles." I feel strength right now that I wasn't. I know I can keep going. I know God is there and he has already decided what the answers are. He knows what job Jason is going to be getting and he is providing for us. He is guiding our steps and making the way. Hasn't he provided for us all this time?

I feel light right now, the heaviness is gone. He lifted it off as I was praying for others to have God's blessings and His fulfillment. He lifted it as I was praying discouragement off of another.

I am truly blessed and I am truly thankful that my Lord and savior knows how to minister to me in such a special, personal way.

Lean on the Lord, lay your burdens down at his feet. Worship through whatever you are going through and he will give you strength.

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