Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another not deep funny post....

Being in a funny, light mood I must write a funny, light blog today. So enjoy a look into my thinking. lol

I love Jane Austen movies (not a surprise to most of you). I have watched all of the movies based on her famous novels, a twisted up version of P & P and the one based on her life. I have pretty much watched every version of every story. This is a bit crazy, bit over the top, but I just love "love stories" and hers have a quality and cleanliness to them. You know that you will not be hit with bad language, sex or nudity. They are clean and safe.

Now the sad thing is I also own all of her books, but as to date I have only read Pride and Prejudice completely. I have started the others, in the past, but never quite finished them. About a week ago I decided this was silly, so I picked up my third favorite, Mansfield Park. I have made it most of the way through and I have to be honest, it is better than any of the movies made off of it. You get a true feeling of what Jane intended each character to be, with out the liberties of a director.

I hope to go on and read the other 4 Novels, in hopes that I might learn something new about each story and to say that I have read them.

Well that is me being honest :) Learning to love reading more and more everyday!

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