Monday, September 6, 2010

a silly little post about something that means a lot to me……

I have had my lap top computer for a couple of years, but I have had to move myself, computer and work from place to place.  Weather it be the kitchen table, Jason’s desk, couch, oh everywhere.  This makes a mess out of what I am working on.  I use my computer for everything, from work, to Kid’s Church, to personal stuff like this blog.  About 6 months ago I started hinting that a desk would be nice, but we have a very small house.  Very small!  I didn’t know what to do or how to ask for one.  Then about 2 weeks ago I was driving down 72nd and almost at Woodstock I saw a very small desk.  It was small enough to go into my corner that I was eyeing for just that use and it had drawers.  I told Jason about it and asked him to look at it. 

My husband is a shopper, and I mean he can find anything you are wanting for a deal.  He saw that i was serious and started looking on Craigslist.  I thought for sure that we could be finding a desk on there.  We found one and put the Phone # in the phone on the way to get shoes for the boys we went and looked at the desk at the little shop.  Sadly it was perfect except they wanted $35 and I only had about $15 to spend.  So we called up the guy with the other desk that was only $10, but it was to short to fit the filing cabinet under it….this is a requirement or I won’t fit in the corner.  My husband is also a pretty handy guy and can built stuff.  So we decided that the next day we would go to Home Depot and price boards and stuff to make a desk.  Of course we each went into the store with differing ideas, once I figured that out I calmly and quietly listened to him….he was the one that would be making it.  So after an hour we found a shelf bracket and a beautiful too long for where he measured  white shelf board.  I had in my mind how to fix that, just turn it the other way and us the other wall.  We bought both, but I had an idea that we wouldn’t need the bracket. 

We got home and I as it was his day off I didn’t want him to work on it, no need to have a frustrating afternoon after such a great morning together.  I was sitting in the living room and looking at the corner where this was all to happen for me and a light bulb went off!!!    The filing cabinet was to be one let of the desk and the bracket was to hold up the other side.  I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t get drawers, but life would go on with out, right   lol    I went out into the garage and found my empty set of plastic drawers, it fit under the board and held up the other end perfectly.  This project only cost $9.95!  Now I have a desk, it isn’t the greatest to look at, but it is mine.  I now have a corner of the house that is mine to do with as I want to and to work from and all Jason had to do was take me to Home Depot :)

This is where I will read my Bible and journal or blog in the mornings, as I watch the sun come up. 

This is where I will read other blogs and get inspirations and words from God or even a bit of a laugh. 

This is where I will pray in the mornings for the day.

Jason gave me the lamp from his desk, since he doesn’t use it and I will be putting my beautiful picture of apples back up over my work area. 

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JenessaMichele said...

that is so cool Steph! :D you guys are a great team:)