Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Lord answers prayers in ways we don’t think of and at the RIGHT moment! His time is perfect!!

Today is the first day of school.  My boys are getting big so fast, I feel like the time is slipping through my fingers like sand.  Eric will be going to 6th grade at the Jr. High today.  This has been hard for Mom to face for the last several months, but he is ready.  So I let go and pray over him. 

 first day of school 2010 018

Stephen, my adventurer is going into the 3rd grade.  I have no worries with this one because he has the same teacher Eric has.  I know her and we have a good  Parent/teacher relationship.  This however is the fist year that big brother will not be keeping an eye on him for me, meaning more trust from me and more responsibility for him.  Both are good things

 his back pack was too heavy for him, so I ended up driving them to school :)  first day of school 2010 014

This is my year of letting go, so I am in se veral ways.  I am putting their morning routines and such more on them than me.  They both have alarm clocks and watches.  I put a list of what to do each morning, afternoon and at night before bed.  No surprises, just rewards if they accomplish it, are not late to school, get their chores done and get their school work done.

 first day of school 2010 020

I also have to let go because they have both, but mostly Eric reached the age of Mom can’t fix everything.  They have to handle at least some of it.  The good thing is that I can pray and God can be there with them and fighting on their behalf.


After writing this I got a phone call.  I have been praying for whoever was going to be Eric’s Speech Pathologist and I found out today who it is going to be.  His Speech path that he has had since 2nd called me this morning before school to tell me that she is sharing a position with another lady.  She will be at Whitman elementary and at Lane Middle School.  We are keeping our Speech Path at least through 8th grade now.  The Lord saw fit to answers this prayer in this special way.  I am so thankful and even more at ease now.


We we go school year 2010-11 The Lord goes before us and makes the way :)

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