Thursday, March 31, 2011

following my dairy free life



I feel so much better! 


It is crazy to think that I was putting so many bad things into my body just because they tasted good.  I have had no dairy since my last post. 

 Sad things first……I learned that I can’t have chocolate, cookies-unless I make them, my non dairy creamer has a milk protein in it and is making me not feel so well-so good-bye to that too, No more cool ranch Dorito's Sad smile.   I must go and find some different bread.  I could go on but you get the idea.

 Happy things Smile  I have more energy.  My stomach isn’t upset and gurgling.  Cooking has been fun!  Goat cheese is wonderful ~never thought I would say that~.  My husband is being very supportive.  My Hypoglycemia ~if I ever truly had it~ is gone.  I am not as hungry now~I think my body was unable to digest so many of my foods that it never got nutrition=always hungry.

 The best thing I found out there to eat is called Tofutti cuties  they are a dairy free dessert , made from tofu, that resemble an ice cream sandwich.  YUM!!!!!!

 I made Chili over the weekend.  I followed a recipe that said to use 2-3 tsp. of chili powder.  Me not being a cook thought that chili powder is what makes the ingredients into Chili~found out it is what give it the heat.  Along with the peppers, chili powder and the sprinkle of red peppers I made some pretty hot chili.

 I am very ready to try making cookies and corn meal next.  My Sister-in-law told me how to substitute the eggs with applesauce.

 I went into and bought items for the first time at Trader Joes.  This Friday I will be trying New Seasons and Whole Foods.

This will be a trial and error process, but I am excited. 

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