Monday, January 24, 2011

My weekend with my guys

My house is quiet this morning and when that rare occurrence happens my mind starts flowing.  I decided last week that it was about time that I take each of my guys out.  I started Friday afternoon, while all the kids were in school.  Jason and I went out on a much needed date.  Claim Jumpers is an amazing restaurant and we found that going in the middle of the afternoon is a bit less hectic then in the evening.  We spent 3 hours just visiting, eating and shopping for needed items.  Sometimes you just need time together just to reconnect.  It was a wonderful day.

That evening Eric and I went in search of  the perfect book to buy with his Gift card he got for Christmas.  We went to the mall in search of Barnes and Noble.  I told him he could have all the time he needed to find a book of his choice and after looking at just about everything he found one.  We went up to the counter and I handed the cashier the gift card and she informed us it was a Borders gift card.  This was a please let the floor open up moment, but a memory made.  We left there in search of some dessert and ended up at a frozen yogurt place where we each enjoyed a bit.  Off to Borders where we got his book.  I had 3 hours of visiting with my son who usually is very quiet or reading.  It was great to learn a bit about my son.

Saturday morning I decided to throw in a Mom time date.  I have had the habit of biting my nail for as long as I can remember and the beginning of November I realized that I had stopped….not sure how but it happened.  I went to treat myself to a Pedicure and Manicure.  It was a great hour of pampering, no phone and no one needing me to do anything for them.

I took Stephen out after getting home.  We went to play miniature golf.  There is a golf course in Happy Valley (just above Clackamas) that has a small course up by their parking lot.  We were the only people there to play miniature golf that day.  It was the perfect day for it.  The sun was out but it wasn’t too warm.  Stephen was more into getting the ball into the water hazards because it meant getting to use the net to get the ball.  It was great!

I learn something new about each of my guys and myself every time it is just us.  Can’t wait for the next Mom/son outing.  More of them are in order as well as more dates with my husband.

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