Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mommy down!

So this last week has been crazy!  I went away last week late on Thursday with my husband and boys to stay at a beach house my parents rented.  My sister also joined us all there.  We had a wonderful time.  Reconnecting, resting, shopping, eating, sitting in a hot tub and watching the water.  We slept in and went to bed late.  It truly was a vacation.  We were only gone for like 3 days but it was worth it!  The one crazy scary thing that happened was our house sitter calling us to see if we had come back early.  Our dog who he put outside was in the house, there were foot prints and our house alarm was acting funny.  Hmmm… I turned my cell phone on to see if I had missed any calls.  Our alarm company called me at 849 to say that the alarm was activated and since they couldn’t reach us the police were being dispatched to our house to see if we had been robbed.  YIKES is all I can say to that!  Heart sunk and worse fears met….first thought is home invader.  My husband then called the police non emergency phone number and we found out that the officer found the back door open and the dog in the house.  Nothing was missing or messed up.  Praise the Lord.  Our house sitters stuff (this includes his drum set he plays at our Church) was all there as well as ours.  When I got home I just had police and dog foot prints to clean up lol.  Well, I think I found the burglar……my dog has shown me over and over the last couple of days that if you don’t put the stick in the door she can open it.  Smile  Yep the theory is that the dog decided that our friend had been gone long enough and she didn’t like the rain, so she let herself in the house. Clever little pup, but cause a lot of trouble with her new trick.

I worked on Monday, but then on Tuesday I got a call from the family I do child care for, that one of their boys was pretty sick, as were they.  They stayed home that day and through out the day I got sicker and sicker and more nauseated until, yep you guessed it….but I won’t go into all the details.  Lets just say me and my bucket got really close on Tuesday. My dog was by my side the whole time and even missed her dinner time to be with me. She slept when I slept and sat by my bucket when, well when I did.   She did eat, but it was pretty late.   I was done by 10pm that night and slept clear through until 8am Wednesday.  Then I alternated sleeping and eating my B.R.A.T. diet that my nurse friend recommended.  I was great by last night and today I am just being very careful with was I eat.  Still on the B.R.A.T. diet but starting to include some more solids. 

It is amazing to me that when Mommy is down the house kind of falls apart.  The boys have been great and are old enough to get themselves food, but the clean up process needs some work.  The dishes, laundry and floors are not as clean as Mom keeps them.  Today I am trying to catch up on my chores and since they are home from school they get to help me.  I am watching 3 little boys today, but they are being so good and love to “help”, so their stuff is staying cleaned up.  Very happy I get a 3 day weekend to recover some more.   Today I am just pretty exhausted and my muscles are all sore. 

Praise the Lord for his healing love and that my husband and boys have escaped this stomach bug!

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