Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blessing my family in all that I do everyday

So as I was working and doing my chores today.  I was thinking, as I put in the 3rd load of laundry of the day and looking at the 100 more to go that laundry is a never ending chore…you are never caught up.  Then I did the dishes, started the machine and then saw that I still had more dishes.  I realized that dishes are a never ending chore.  Then I starting thinking of all the other never ending things done daily; sweeping, bathrooms, beds…lol  it was a never ending list as well.  The nice thing about all of this, is that I do these things for my family.  I love to take care of them and to show my love through these endless and sometimes thankless tasks.  I am sure they feel the same about some things that they are responsible for.  ~Blessing my family in all that I do everyday.

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