Monday, April 26, 2010


I love watching the sky and knowing when a storm is coming. There is something about it that just gets me excited. Not that I want anyone to get hurt or loose anything due to the storm, but the power behind it. It is like a nervous excitement. Sometimes there is a stillness that you can't describe, but it feels funny. Then the trees start to sway until they look like they will get ripped out of the ground. The most amazing is when the sky suddenly gets dark, and you almost hold your breath until the rain or hail starts to pound the ground so hard that you can't see your neighbors house. Then it all stops and you just have a trickle of rain and the sun comes out as if nothing happened. If you catch all of the signs you can bring things in before the storm or roll up your car windows, but if you only see the darkness and then the rain starts you cannot protect the fragile things.

If you have ever been through an Oregon rainstorm you can relate to what I am saying. Life can be like this. If you are in tune to what is happening in your life and around you then you can prepare for the storms or battles that are coming your way. God put little hints into our lives and safeguards, but if we don't listen we can loose everything. I find comfort in knowing that God is there and He knows what the future holds for each of us. We just have to listen to His voice and be ready. We must be watchmen at all times and in all seasons.

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