Friday, April 22, 2011

I love to bake!

I don’t know who reads this or if this will be a helpful post to anyone, but I write it anyway Smile.


I love to bake! 


I have my symphony music playing in the back ground, little guy playing in the living room and I am baking vegan banana bread.


I love to make things for my family to love and of course for me to eat too.  Now when you cut eggs and dairy out of your diet there are some issues….or are there??

A week ago I decided to try to make some cornbread.  It turned out well, should have cooked it in a pan that was a bit more on the shallow side, but the taste was amazing!  Just put applesauce in place of the eggs.Smile

This morning I found that I had some bananas that no one would eat because they started turning brown and I wanted to make banana bread.  I went in search for a vegan website.  I found and boy did I hit the jackpot!!!  I found all the recipes I could ever want.  Caesar salad dressing, banana bread, banana muffins… keeps going from there.  I learned about a great egg substitute called ener-G.  The great thing was that I can use things I already have in my house. 

Several years ago I gave up the idea of ever having French toast again, but I found an egg free recipe that I plan on trying tomorrow. I hope my family enjoys it along with me.

Now to clean up the house and maybe do some gardening and my afternoon workout.  Have a great weekend.

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