Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tis the season to be busy? or thoughtful???

I am sitting here in amazement that it is the 2nd of December.  Life has been a bit interesting this last month.  I feel like I have been running like a crazy person, but getting no where.  Busy, but nothing getting done.   I can’t believe it was only a month ago that we took a 3 day weekend and relaxed at the coast with my parents.   We were then hit pretty hard with sickness in my house and my daycare.  Grade reports came out as did some old habits of our youngest child.  I welcomed back a daycare child I thought we were going to be loosing due to the bad economy and welcomed in a new child.  A young girl who entered into the foster care system just before her 3rd birthday.  Praise the Lord she was placed with a family that love the Lord and children.  This week has been a whirl wind of activity and newness in my house.  My husband has been really busy at work due to all the Christmas shoppers-this is a good thing as he makes more when it is busy.  Haven't seen him much, but we, as a family, have made sure to make the most of every minute we are together.  There have been readjustments in priorities.  Time spent a bit more wisely. 

In the middle of all of this came Thanksgiving.  This year we had Thanksgiving at our house the four of us.  I wasn’t sure how this would go because we usually either have family/friends over or go to families homes.  We really enjoyed it.  Our families were missed a lot, but it was kind of fun to start some of our own family traditions.  Jason and I worked together to make our dinner.  We gathered together and everyone ate until full and visiting the whole time.  Our dog even got a good sized plate of leftovers.  Jason decided she needed it lol.  We all cleaned up together and then enjoyed relaxing while our tummies settled.

Now Christmas is coming.  Stephen and I went shopping on Black Friday-it sounded like fun lol.  We had a good time and I learned everything that this little man of mine is thinking would be nice to have to for Christmas for him and his brother.  I wanted to try to take the focus off of him and put it onto other people.  He really enjoyed shopping for his Dad and Papa and thinking of what we could get for other members of our family.

I had been hunting and searching for a good way to do advent with my children this year.  They are older and the cute little calendars with the candy inside them seamed like they were more for little kids….I wanted my boys to learn.  I dug on the internet and all I could find were things for like 1st grade and younger to color and make, but no lessons.  Then like an answer to prayer my amazing friend posted a link  to her FB 

here it is:

We are getting into these short little lessons and really enjoying the time together in the evenings. 


I will get some pictures of some of our activities put up soon, I just don’t have the cord for the camera.


Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!  ~Steph

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